Terra is a 11-year-old artistic prodigy in north Texas.  Many professional artists have been amazed at her exceptional talent at such a young age.  Please refer to her artwork and see for yourself!

She has been painting still life's and animals with oils and acrylics since she was 5.  She has drawn amazingly realistic pictures since she was 2.  Her favorite subject is horses and nature scenes.  We will be adding her drawings to the web site soon.

She really enjoys art and draws every day using different mediums including pencils, chalk, and watercolor pencils. Terra has won awards at numerous art competitions.

She is also an accomplished author and is writing her first book.  It will be offered on this web site as soon as it become available.

If you are interested in learning more or purchasing Terra's artwork, please visit the Contact Us page.  Give us your feedback by emailing us!

More artwork is added constantly.  Please check back again.

Thank you.


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